Description of Plane Size*
* Seating capacity, range, and onboard amenities vary by specific aircraft. Check with operator to confirm
Heavy Jet Image
Heavy jets are perfect for international journeys as well as transcontinental travel. Heavy jets are configured to seat between nine and sixteen passengers and have an average cabin height of six feet, classifying them as true "stand-up" cabins. Flight attendants are standard in addition to a fully enclosed lavatory and a large capacity for luggage (can accommodate 15 to 20 assorted-sized pieces).
Super Midsize Jets
Roomier cabins than standard midsize aircraft, super midsize jets are ideal for cross-country or transatlantic journeys. These aircraft offer many benefits of the heavy jets but at more competitive rates: full standing headroom, fully enclosed lavatory, and good luggage capacity. Seating varies from eight passengers to up to thirteen passengers
Mid-size Jets
Improved headroom, compared to light jets, and a separate lavatory define this category. Mid-size jets are configured to seat six to eight passengers. However even with a full load, all passengers can be seated in comfort and there is ample room for luggage. Moving around the cabin is relatively easy, even though it is not considered a full "stand-up" cabin. These jets have a range of approximately four to five and a half hours.
Light Jets
Light jets are the smallest class of business jets and are designed for shorter, regional journeys of approximately three to four and a half hours. Light jets are configured to seat six to eight passengers and with a full passenger load, seating may get tight and baggage space may get limited. Also, the lavatory configuration varies.
Very light Jets
Very light jets seat four to eight passengers, with a maximum take-off weight of under 10,000 pounds (4,540 kg). They are lighter than what is commonly termed business jets and ideal for short-haul flights of up to two hours. Lavatory configuration varies.
TurboProps are an economic alternative to jets for short-haul flights with a duration of up to two to four hours. These aircraft have pressurized cabins and seating configurations ranges from four and up depending on aircraft. Lavatory configuration also varies.