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Washington DC
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Capt. Al Nasser OR Lynne
(966) Saudi: 556.637.551
WebWeb: Destroyed Web-Site 10 times / NO more !.
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Company Description
Arab Jet, Inc. (AJA) is the FIRST Arab Private Aviation has ever incorporated in USA aviation history, established at KIAD since 1992 by Capt. Nasser an ex-Saudi Air Force Pilot and Commercial pilot flown from fighter Jets to 1-4 engine Commercial heavy & Mid-size airplanes. We have Chartered, Leased, and Sold a/c to many Arab head of states, royal families, diplomates, and even F-500 business companies & people Worldwide.. When it comes to Middle East & Arab world, you are in safe hands. YES, we have slowed down for the last few years but still be glad to help !!. Thanks for contacting us. AJA-C.S Dept.

Soon; we will be introducing LSA business in Saudi & Arab countries for the FIRST time in this M.E region, we are just waiting for M.E problems to calm down for insurance purposes !!. We WELCOME investors & Partnerships, it will be great investment there, expecting %15 + min. return annually with NO capital gain or income TAX taken away, %100 profi & income for U.This offer for PRINCEPLE ONLY NO MIDDLE MAN. // ((* Please DO NOT send us; like looking for JOBS or try selling us a/c, parts,,etc. We have 40+ years in aviation business WORLDWIDE, NO HELP NEEDED !. Thanks *))

**( At this time, we are looking for Dead - Leg from KLAX (California) area to Saudi Arabia / around first week of August, 2013, 12 pax with 25+ pieces of luggage, 2 fuel stops O.K ) **
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