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The PROAIR Group

The evolution of PROAIR since it was established in 1996 is immeasurable… One of the world’s fastest growing aviation companies, with roots firmly integrated in both the European and Global Aviation Markets, PROAIR is not only seen as a market leader but as a pioneer in the future of private aviation. .
From the days of simply offering an aircraft brokerage service, PROAIR have developed to specialise in Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Management and Aircraft Sales. These 3 key areas of aviation make PROAIR one of the few companies with the ability to fulfil every aspect of a client’s specific requirements
Where it is usual for many companies to succeed in one area of expertise, the flexibility of PROAIR offering all aviation services under one umbrella differentiates them from any competitors. A natural progression and synergy exists between an aircraft purchase, the necessity for it to be managed, and then made available for charter when not in use by the owner. This chain of progression is often broken by the involvement of several companies undertaking different roles. For all aspects to be overlooked and undertaken by one company ensures a cost-effective and seamless transition.
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